Tuesday, June 14, 2016

E3: Xbox’s hardware kaboom and our picks for best games at its presser

Ars' Mark Walton and Sam Machkovech discuss the awesome processing power of Scorpio. But what do all those specs mean for the gamer? Where does the Xbox One S fit in? And will existing Xbox owners upgrade? (video link)

LOS ANGELES—A few E3 press conferences have already come and gone in the past day and a half, but only one has announced a new game console so powerful that it will power 4K, 60 frames-per-second gaming. That honor goes to Microsoft and its smashing E3 conference on Monday, which ended with the reveal of the long-rumored Project Scorpio.

Between that "coming in 2017" hardware unveil, the formal introduction of the "slim" Xbox One S, and a giant slew of new games, Microsoft came out swinging in a pretty big way—so Ars' Sam Machkovech and Mark Walton came together to chat about the company's hardware and software unveils in two separate videos. We still have impressions about PlayStation's press conference coming later, so it remains to be seen if Microsoft will be declared the ultimate "winner" today, but at the very least, they were no slouches.

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